Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wedding Invitation

I wonder how many of you thought I was inviting you to a renewal of vows for me and Josh? :) I really just want to share my wedding invitation with my blogging family. Pam wrote a fun blog on weddings- bests/worsts. I shared with her that one of my favorites parts of my wedding was that my grandpa wrote our invitations. So, I thought it would be cool to share this wonderful poem with those of you who haven't had the chance to read it.

I have a vision in my mind, a grander one no man can find.
There's a knitted cap on a wee blonde head, a snow-white sweater, and a skirt plaid red.
The wearer scarcely measures to the knee, but a prettier lass you'll never see.
I walk along, she runs beside, I'm a beaming out with pride.
I pick her up and hug her tight, and pledge to keep her in my sight.
Twenty years now come to pass, I've another vision of the lass.
You can't imagine how she's grown, with a touch of magic all her own.
She wears a gown with frilly lace, a veil of net surrounds her face.
Those gorgeous blossoms everywhere, with her beauty can't compare.
Arm-in-arm we'll walk down the aisle, I only wish I could tarry awhile.
But a handsome lad is standing near, outwardly showing signs of fear.
He has sacred vows to say, and I must give the bride away.
Now, Dear God, we boldly ask, provide the strength for each his task.
Please, oh Lord, we know you can pour out Your blessings on our clan.
You have the power, wisdom, grace, to lead us through life's joyful race.
May Your love with us remain. We give You praise in our Savior's name.
My wonderful "Pa" wrote the invites to my sister's weddings also, maybe they should share their's too. :) I also wanted to add that my amazing husband is a beautiful writer. He actually asked me to marry him in a poem he wrote to me, he also wrote all three of our chidren a poem before they were born. They are tear jerkers. I have asked him if I could share them and he says "No" (he's too shy) maybe I'll break him down someday.


Anonymous said...

that is so sweet!!!! And made it so special too


Dawn said...

I loved Sally's and didn't know he'd written all of you one. That's so sweet!

Pambo said...

I love it!
Do you think if I hounded Josh every Sunday he would change his mind? Just kidding, well, maybe not. :)
Maybe you could "accidentally" give me a copy and I could post it... Again, just joking.
I love weddings and all the delicious details. How fun.
Make Katie share what "Pa" wrote for her.

Mandy said...

Pa is awesome. Every time I read one of our wedding invites I get teary eyed. That was a good idea. Maybe I will share mine also!

Kristal said...

That's beautiful!!

Leslie said...

The talent in your family certainly does run deep!

Hilary said...

That is so special. You all are lucky to have such a great Pa!! Work on Josh, I'd love to read some of his talent too!

Becky said...

These poems bring tears to my eyes, also. My dad certainly does have a way with words.

Taylor, Jessica and Harper said...

That's beautiful! And obviously something you've cherished and will cherish no matter how old you get!

Kristal said...

Hi Annie! I'm planning to make my blog private and was wondering if I could have your email address to send you an invite. If you want, could you email it to me at kristalstrong06@yahoo.com.

samantha said...

very interesting to read ....Thank you for sharing this great fountain with us.I loved it. Thank you for having the courage to be real......
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