Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgivng Week

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We had so much fun and it started off the weekend before thanksgiving. We first headed to Camargo, because Josh just had to hunt on the first day of gun season. I just don't get the appeal hunting holds for my husband but he LOVES it!!!! I am glad he gets to spend the week hunting, he was soooo excited, kind of like our kids on Christmas morning. After a few days in Camargo, the kids and I headed to Woodward and left our hunter to enjoy his time alone without us, I believe he prefers it this way. While in Woodward we were able to attend Sam's Thanksgiving program. He did a great job, Lily even asked me if Sam was going to cry because he had to sing in front of people? I told her Sam likes to sing in front of people and maybe she should give it a try. Yeah right!!! The rest of the week was spent relaxing and enjoying time with family. On Thursday we went to El Reno to spend the day with my family, and as my brother-in-law likes to tease me I did enjoy a mountain of noodles!!! In case you are wondering I did go with my mom and sisters shopping on BLACK FRIDAY! We go every year, we always know what we are getting into, but every year we are exhausted!! To make matters worse I got sick in the car, my poor, poor family. I was feeling yucky all that day and the next and I found out why Saturday night. Yes people I have now passed my third kidney stone! This one was the worst one so far, January 16th cannot come soon enough. Oh that's my c-section date in case I haven't mentioned it before! Besides the end of my week the rest was wonderful and I just LOVE being around family for the holidays. I sure hope everyone else had a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Cooper is posing with his sweet cousin Maddie, isn't she adorable?!!!
What is better than one child BANGING on the piano, that's right five!
The kids got to put up my parents Christmas tree and they couldn't wait. Note to self, never tell eight children about decorating until one minute before it begins!!
All eight grand kids posing in front of their finished project, we did have to encourage them to move a few ornaments around and off the bottom branches! :)
Poor Pa, when the grand kids are around he doesn't get a minute of rest. They love to play with their Pa.
Lily would sit on my dad like this forever, if I told her to get off of Pa, he would tell me to leave her alone!
My wonderful dad celebrated his 53rd birthday the day after Thanksgiving. He has been working soooo hard lately that he wasn't able to go to El Reno with us for turkey day. We missed him of course, so we decided to give him an early birthday party so we could all celebrate with this very special man.

It was a fun but tiring week!!! :)


twingrlsplus1 said...

What a fun-filled week of family, except the kidney stone part. This was the 1st year I didn't go out on black Friday. You are some brave ladies. Cute pics of all the kids.

Pambo said...

I love the photo of Lily on Pa's shoulders. So cute. Her hair is really getting long. Very pretty. Love that last pic of Coop. That's how I felt after Friday shopping with Ashlee.

The Garvie Family said...

Maddie is so cute!! Sorry to hear about the kidney stone..I'm hoping that was the last of them. I think it is so neat that your dad got to celebrate his birthday with ALL his grandkids!

The Slaydens said...

yeah! glad they are close enough that you get to see them often!!

Anonymous said...

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