Monday, November 17, 2008

A Few More Pics from Branson

I have added a handful of pics from the rest of our week at Branson. I think the kids had almost as much fun hanging around the cabin as they did going around the town. I know I sound like a broken record, but we are super blessed to have this special time with family. My mom and sisters are my best friends and of course my dad is the most special man ever (a close tie with my husband at least) !

Our cabin had a hot tub on the back porch. The kiddos LOVED this and had too much fun swimming. We stayed with the Karn family which suits Lily and Ella just fine because they are best friends you know!

Look at Lily posing, she is turning into such a ham. I never thought I would be able to say that about my camera shy girl.

Lily and Ella love to dress alike, they are just so stinkin cute!
We of course spent one afternoon doing a little shopping. What happens when you turn your back on an adorable one year old? They tear into boxes and boxes of shoes. We all thought it was pretty cute, I'm not so sure his mom was amused by Ben's "hard" work.
I thought this pic was too cute. Mimi and Pa sat at the "kid" table for dinner one day and I look over and they are actively participating in the new game our kiddos LOVE to play. One of them will say "Who likes to ____?" and if you fit the category you have to raise your hand. It was pretty cute!Okay people onto one of my favorite activities we did in Branson, Noah the musical. WOW! This show was so amazing. During the second act they opened the sides of the theatre to reveal that we were inside the ark, the kids didn't know where to look first there were animals everywhere. They weren't all real but there were a few that were. Very cool!!! The story of Noah and his family was beautifully written and a true joy to watch.

The kids each got to take home their favorite animal from the show. They all loved it!


Hilary said...

Love all the pictures. Looks like everyone had a blast. I have heard about the "Noah" play from your mom. I'm going to have to go sometime. Sounds so neat!

Leslie said...

Great photos! I love the one with your parents and all the kids!! too stinkin' cute!

Pambo said...

One of these days, I plan on being a grandparent like your mom! You can tell that she and your dad just thoroughly enjoy their grandbabies. Oh, and she doesn't look old enough to have all those grandkids. Love that Lily is outgrowing her camera shyness. She's just way too beautiful-she has to have her photo taken! I notice that she chose my favorite wild animal - a polar bear. Great choice, Lily!

LaUrA said...

I love the pic of Lily and Ella dressed alike. Their hair looks very pretty:)

Becky said...

I think I need to meet "pambo" she is my new favorite person!

The Slaydens said...

cannot believe i've never been...looks like fun!

Branson Hotels said...

Looks like the kids had some great times! Branson hotels has some great deals if you ever go again!