Thursday, August 7, 2008


This game of tag is a little different, instead of answering the questions yourself ask the questions to your child or children and replace my answers with theirs. Here are Lily's answers, she's just so sweet, she was afraid to say the "wrong" answer.

What does Mommy always say to you? Clean up the toys (man she's good)
What makes Mommy happy? If you be nice to people and no hitting.
What makes Mommy sad? If you hit (can you tell we have been having a hard time with Cooper and his hitting?)
How does Mommy make you laugh? makes a funny face
How old is Mommy? 7
How tall is Mommy? short (ha-ha)
What doesn't Mommy like to do? Go outside (how true lately, its too hot for me)
What is Mommy's job? Cook
What's Mommy's favorite food? Cereal (I wish I only ate things that were good for me)
How do you know Mommy loves you? Because of God

I thought it would be fun to ask Coop these questions. Keep in mind that the child is 2, I did think he did pretty well on some of them. I'm also pretty sure he didn't understand some of the questions. Enjoy!

What does Mommy always say to you? No! (man, how good was this answer?!)
What makes Mommy happy? Ball (okay- not sure?)
What makes Mommy sad? Ball (again-what?)
How does Mommy make you laugh? I don't know
How old is Mommy? 2
How tall is Mommy? Big (he held his hand above his head)
What doesn't Mommy like to do? Play at the play area (he means the playground at the mall, he loves that place)
What is Mommy's job? Play ( I wish!)
What is Mommy's favorite food? Pizza
How do you know Mommy loves you? Kisses

Okay I'm going to tag Noelle, Kina, and Sandy. Have fun girls!


Leslie said...

Very cute! Sounds like your little Lily is a lot like Payton was at her age. =o) Gotta love sweet girls.

Hilary said...

Cute. What a difference a year makes. Cooper did pretty good, except maybe the ball answers. Rhett would not be able to do this at all!

Pambo said...

That Lily is a smartie. She had really good answers. I love Cooper's answer to what does mommy always say to you - why do they always remember when you say "No!"?

Stacy said...

Cute answers. I just love that Lily!

The Slaydens said...

hey, sorry, don't know how i missed it!!! love cooper's answers...ball!! ha ha! wonder what hudson would say if i asked him the questions...ugh...and point!

sandybiggs said...

Those answers are so funny. What a fun tag. I love the "how tall is mommy?" answers..."short" and then "big". It's pretty sad when you are short to your 4 year old, huh? Your kids are so cute!