Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a Wonderful Week!

We had such a wonderful week with our family. We always have a great time and this time was no different. Everyone came down to enjoy a family baby shower for Ashley and Kain, followed by a family cookout later that night. When my mom, sisters, niece, and nephews come down we always seem to have a jam pack schedule, lots of things we want to do. We took the kids swimming, to the movies, shopping (yes folks we took eight kids to the mall-we are super moms), and they played outside in the sprinklers about every evening. My dad was able to join us a few days later and the fun continued. I just LOVE having my family around and so do my kiddos, they weren't ready to see them head back west. Can't wait until they come back to see us!! Since I seem to never blog (so I've heard) I decided I would post a crazy amount of pics for fun. Actually the reason it seems I have so many pics is because I wanted to take a pic of each kid swimming, and when you have eight kids that makes for alot of pictures. :)

Ella prefers to hang out on the steps, isn't she cute with her goggles on her head!
Sam is a pro on the diving board, he is such a big boy!
Max can do it all, I tried to get a good pic of him on the slide but he's too fast for me. Sweet little Ben loves to swim with his mommy and mimi.
Lily has learned how to swim with her face in the water, I thought she would be closer to 15 before she braved this one. We are so proud of her!
My sweet little Coop, looks alot more innocent than he really is!
Emily is always such a big helper with the little kids, she was helping Ryder swim in his tube! :)
Max and Cooper are enjoying a nice relaxing bubble bath!

Uncle Josh is quite the big hit around the nieces and nephews.

I had to post this pic I thought it was too cute. Max sat on his Uncle Josh like this for quite awhile. This actually counts as hugging, which Max rarely does to ANYONE!
The girls were FREEZING at Red Robin, but...

poor Mimi couldn't seem to cool off! The many joys of growing older! We love you Mimi!!!

We are heading to Yukon tomorrow, my grandpa is having heart surgery on Tuesday. They will be replacing his heart valve and he will have triple bypass surgery as well. Please keep him in your prayers. He is such a wonderful Father, Grandfather, and Great-Grandfather. We love you Pa!!


Pambo said...

Anytime I can see a picture of that cuteness known as Lily, I'm happy! Those are great summer pics and I love the one of Josh with your nephew draped on his head and shoulders. Extremely sweet!

LaUrA said...

I love the pics! Ella looks so cute with her little goggles:) Have a safe trip and I hope everything goes well with your grandpa.

Casey Largent said...

I like the pics. The one with Max sitting on Josh is really sweet. Hope your grandpa pulls comes through like a champ tomorrow!

Mandy said...

Great post, love all the pics. It is pretty rare to see Max showing some love, and Cooper does look pretty sweet and innocent in that pic! See you guys tommorrow.

Hilary said...

Looks like you all had another great time! I'll be praying for Pa and your family.

Hilary said...

Looks like you all had another great time! I'll be praying for Pa and your family.

Leslie said...

All of the kids are just so darn cute, you all have some really good genes! And boy did you make me hungry with the mention of Red Robin... I love their blue ribbon burger... oh and the wing sauce on my steak fries. I'm going to have to hit that place up sooner than later. Thanks Annie!

Ashlee G. Osborn said...

I'll keep your grandpa in prayer. And, Lily is braver than me; I hate putting my face in the water!

sandybiggs said...

Ahhh, I would LOVE to be swimming right now! It is just too hot outside to do anything else.
I love the pics with Josh and the kids....what a fun uncle!
I'm glad everything went well with your grandpa, I pray he has a speedy recovery.

The Slaydens said...

hey, looks like lots of fun...kayli loved living with pastor and carla and misses having all her family around...glad you guys had a GREAT time...praying for your grandpa's recovery...miss you!