Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finally- A New Post

I have been a terrible blogger, I notice it more when I get mad at others for not updating and I realize I haven't blogged in a month. So everyone who is reading this- get to blogging! Anyway, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. We started off in Camargo at Josh's dad's house. Josh stayed the rest of the week to hunt while the kiddos and I headed to Woodward to spend time with my family. We met for Thanksgiving dinner at Josh's grandma's house, then split again so Josh could of course keep hunting and I could head to OKC to shop til I drop. I also got to see New Moon with my mom and sisters (my wonderful dad kept my three kids- thanks dad!) This movie was FANTASTIC!!! Just in case you haven't heard me say so, I LOVED IT!! I am a huge fan of movies staying true to the book and this one didn't let me down. Friday me, my mom, and sisters shopped for fifteen hours. It is so much fun and I truly look forward to spending this time with them every year. We all met back in Owasso on Saturday and started putting out the Christmas decorations. Josh and I were more than exhausted, but the kids were so excited how could we say no. So right now life involves me trying to get a weeks worth of laundry done and getting myself motivated to get back into the gym. I am going back tomorrow, what is it about freezing weather and never wanting to go anywhere. I have got to get my rear in gear. :) Well, I hope to see many, many new posts very soon so get busy!

The kids have so much fun visiting Josh's family. They got to drive all around the land and loved every minute of it. Side note: everyone is bundled up like it is freezing and poor Ruby is coatless and sockless. It was not that cold and we were inside, but ran outside for a pic opportunity. No judging ;)

Each year the kiddos get to decorate my parents tree. Mimi is showing the grand kids some of her favorite ornaments. They didn't sit this still on week.

Trying to get all the kids in front of the tree. As you can see Ruby and Ryder are being held in against their will.

Thanksgiving day was spent at Josh's grandma's house. The food was delicious (like always). We always have a great time at Mema's house and can't wait to go back in a few weeks.

Mema is the best place to catch a nap after a long and busy day :)

Josh's big kill. I am sorry I just don't get hunting. Sitting out in the freezing weather, hoping to shoot something, then having to gut it and clean it? Not for me, but he sure is cute (Josh not the deer)

Lily loves to decorate our tree, she's so pretty.

My handsome Coop is pointing to his favorite ornament.
Trying to get all three in front of the tree. It's hard to keep Ruby sitting in one spot for very long. Please ignore the boxes in the back, it had been a very LONG day.

Lily and Cooper love the sign my mom painted for us. She is working on a Ruby snowman for us to add, until that time Lily said Ruby could be her doll she is holding. ;)


Leslie said...

Great pics! Sounds like your hubby and mine have the same hunting obcession, I don't get it either.

Love the family pic (4th down), you look great! And where do I get my sign? That thing is awesome!

twingrlsplus1 said...

Love the pics, even the deer one!! I love the fun you and your family always have together, great to have such a close knit family...LOVED New Moon too!!

Pambo said...

Umm, the dead deer photo? Yuck. Should have just cropped out the critter and left Josh. :)
My favorite photo: Coop all curled up on a comfy lap. That is just so precious.
Of course, I love Lily decorating the tree. She's my favorite decoration! It makes me happy to see your sweet family making such nice memories and I'm mad that your mom has so many grands and still doesn't look old enough for them.

sandybiggs said...

Looks like you all were busy but good times! Your kiddos are the cutest things!

Hilary said...

Great post and pics. It's about time!
I don't get hunting either, so it doe NOT hurt my feeling that Brent doesn't hunt. As for the Twilight business, I'm not sure I get that either. I haven't read the books, but I saw the first movie and I thought it was OK, but nothing to get fanatic about.
Anyway, looks like you and your adorble family are having a great holiday season! Miss you!