Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ruby is Six Weeks Old! WOW!

I cannot believe how fast these last six weeks have flown by!!!! I am anxious for time to fly by so she is sleeping all night and can play with toys, but at the same time I want to freeze time because she will more than likely be our last baby and I want to cherish this time with her. She is starting to smile, not all the time but will occasionally give us a little grin. This morning she gave me and Coop her biggest, most adorable smile but of course I did not have my camera ready. I have tried to capture her smile, but she doesn't like to smile for the camera. ;) Last night she slept for seven hours in a row!!! Woo-Hoo!!!! I hope she makes this a habit and she's not just teasing me with one good night. I have to remind myself not to get frustrated during the day because my house is dirty (yes folks, I know you don't believe me because you all think I keep a clean house all the time, but with the arrival of Ruby who has time to clean?) Unfortunately this can really put me in a BAD mood when I look around my house! UGH! I also have to remind myself to not get frustrated with my other two angels. I am constantly saying, "Quiet Ruby is sleeping, Don't touch the baby she's in a good mood, Get out of Ruby's face" I hate that I am always on Lily and Cooper's case, I need to chill and know that they also LOVE their sister and are just so excited to share there day with her. I also need to remember to have more fun with my kids instead of getting stressed if we don't get a good nap for the day. I am just venting, please do not hold me to any of these cases, I will more than likely get stressed again and again, but at least I know I need to do better. And isn't admitting your problem the first step!!! :)

Last week my WONDERFUL grandparents came to town to meet Ruby and Brock. My Nanny and Pa are truly two of the most incredible grandparents around. Any of my girlfriends can testify to this!!! They LOVE all their grands and great-grands!

I wanted to get a good comparison size of Ruby and Brock, but what you can't tell from this pic is that Brock is also two inches longer than Ruby. He is one big fella, and I LOVE those cheeks!
I was trying to capture a smile, a little late on the button.This is a horrible angle, but at least you can see a little smile.

What does a mama do when she has lunch to make and her baby won't stop crying? Hand her over to the best babysitter in town!!! Lily is a fabulous help!
Josh loves to sit and talk to his babies, I have a pic of him like this will all three of our kiddos. His favorite stage is when they start to coo at him, they will sit and coo for hours! :)
I couldn't leave these two stinkers out of the post, they are really becoming great friends.
And finally, I believe this picture best describes how I feel lately..... exhausted!!!


Pambo said...

6 weeks already? She's beautiful and I loved all the photos.
Lily, Sam and Max all wanted us to pray for the new babies in the family during Sunday School. Too sweet. Love your family.

Hilary said...

I've been waiting for more pics of sweet Ruby. They change so fast. What a cutie! I feel ya on your little vent. I feel the same way, and I'm working on it. Love all the pics. The one of Ruby and Brock is great!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I cannot get over how much bigger Brock is than Ruby. That is so funny.

Love thie pics of Josh and Ruby and the one of Lily holding Ruby. Adorable.

Becky said...

I am glad you finally posted :) Sweet pictures - and just wait until 30 years fly by!