Saturday, January 31, 2009

Family Bowling Night!

I had good intentions of getting this post up and running before we had little Ruby, but my plans didn't go as I had expected. I got WAY too busy the weekend before my c-section and I just ran out of time to post these pics. The Saturday before we had Ruby we decided to do one more family of four outing and decided to take the kids bowling. We have never taken them bowling before and we thought they would be pumped. Coop was super excited and Lily you ask, well she started crying when we told her of our very fun plans. Crying?!! Yes, our daughter cried when we told her we were taking her bowling!! She has only been bowling once before and that was when she was 3 with her cubbie group. She didn't bowl at that time so I'm not sure why she was so traumatized, but she DID NOT want to go. We calmly told her that Mommy and Daddy wanted to spend a special day with her and Coop and we were ALL going to have fun. Well with much persuasion on our part Lily has now become a BIG bowling fan, she cannot wait to go back! I just love making her try new experiences because I know she will like them. The kids truly had a fantastic time and I had just as much fun watching them (I guess big and pregnant girls can't bowl). Josh was a great teacher, I'm sure he got a little frustrated because Coop is at that point in his life where he can do everything BY HIMSELF! We plan on taking the kids back pretty soon, as soon as I feel up to it, and they cannot wait. I hope you enjoy the pics, we sure had a great time spending special time together.

Josh is trying to "convince" Lily that bowling is not that bad. It didn't hurt that the lightest bowling balls were orange, you know that is her FAVORITE color and always has been-which is pretty funny considering her daddy despises the color orange (OSU) Ha-Ha!!!

Look at that form, my little guy is a natural! :)

I did it, let the celebration begin!

Lily is a bit more timid when it comes to bowling than her brother, but she did end up loving it.

Josh showing us just how it's done.
Look at that smile!!!
I was also there that night, but I sure hate taking pregnancy pics!! Last one I took before Ruby decided to join our family.This pic wasn't taken that night but I thought it was too cute I had to post it. Josh got a new computer and the kids had more fun playing in that box than I thought was humanly possible. It finally got torn up enough we got to throw it away!

And....I can't post without adding a picture of our little sweetie. Ruby is ready to go to her first doctors appointment, they had to check her jaundice after we got home from the hospital, everything checked out great. She is doing soooo good at home, she is such a great baby. I understand that she is not quite two weeks old and things can certainly change, but as of now she is super easy going and doesn't really cry unless you are changing a yucky diaper or during bath time, she HATES her baths. Ruby got to have her first official outing with her mommy and daddy yesterday, where did we go you ask? Well we had to take mommy to the Urgent Care because yes folks I passed another kidney stone. This was a BAD one I thought I was going to lose my mind. It hurt so bad I didn't know what to do, I couldn't drive anywhere. By the time Josh had made it home from work the kidney stone passed down and I was feeling much better but my OB still wanted me to get checked out. While I was there I passed the thing, and let me tell you what it was HUGE!! I consider myself an expert on kidney stones now that I have passed about a million, so I can safely say that this one was HUGE! The doc thought I should string it on a necklace and wear it around my neck it was sooooooooooo big! That might have been a little too much info but I just had to share my horrible day with my blogging family! Hopefully I will be seeing the end of these stones since I am no longer pregnant, one can only hope!


The Slaydens said...

first of all, very cute pics of your kids on the last night of being a family of four! and we all knew that Lily would come around some day and start smiling for the camera! ruby is adorable and I cannot wait to hold her in two weeks!!!! also, sister, another kidney poor thing...sorry you had to go through that so close to just having surgery!! good grief! love and miss you...

Kina said...

Annie--I am so sorry you have these kidney stones. I cannot IMAGINE the pain!! Hope that's the last one!! AND Ruby has to be the cutest thing ever! I cannot believe I haven't seen her. Monday, I am bringing you dinner....My kids hated their bath until the umbilical cord fell off and they could take a real bath!

Pambo said...

Poor Annie! That's terrible. Just having a kidney infection is bad - a stone must be unbearable. How beautiful is that Lily? Love that smiling face. Didn't mean to exclude Cooper and Ruby. They are both little cuties as well. Glad Ruby has been such a good baby. Every one deserves at least one.

Jennifer Walker said...

Another kidney stone, YUCK!!!!!!!!! Hope that's the last one everrrrrr!

twingrlsplus1 said...

Im soooo sorry you had to go through another kidney stone, last one ever im sure:) What a fun time you all had on your last outing before little Ruby was born. She is got to be the cutest little gal ever:)

Anonymous said...

I am SO sorry that dinner arrived late last night. We had some issues come up, and long story short, I am really sorry. Hope it was still warm by the time it arrived.