Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busy, Busy, Weekend!!!

We had a very busy but fun weekend. It started off in Yukon to celebrate four birthdays, yes folks I said four! We had a big bash for my wonderful grandma's 80th birthday. It was nice to have a special day for this incredibly special woman. Those of you who know my Nanny know what a wonderful, lovely woman she is inside and out. All of my friends grew up calling her Nanny and I know she loved having everyone around. After my Nanny's party we jetted off to the park to celebrate the other three birthdays in September, Max turned 6, Lily turned 5, and Cooper turned 3. We actually got tired of eating cake, I know I can't believe I would ever utter those words. The men of the family were less than thrilled about potentially missing the big OU game, but they made it to my Pa's house just in time for kick off. Finally on Sunday we had work day 2008 at my grandparents house. They have some land and my Pa, who is 81, loves to be outside working. He has had several trees he has needed cut down and dragged off so all of our hardworking men put on their work clothes and gloves and went to town. They did a fantastic job and got things cleared away in no time. As for us ladies, we gave Nanny's house a good cleaning. It goes by pretty quickly when we have a lot of help. Hey guys, work day 2009 will be at MY house!!! :)

The birthday girl, Nanny, and my wonderful "Pa".

My kiddos love their Nanny and Pa

Nanny and Pa with their great-grands, we are actually missing baby Kain.

My wonderful Father, also known as Pa, with two of his biggest fans. Don't they all look so cute in their blue?!

Emily got Lily a necklace that says "Best" on it and Emily has the "Friends" sign on her necklace. Could they be any cuter?!!!

The three birthday kids in front of their cake.

Lily loved opening all of her presents!!

Coop got a dress up box from my parents. We are all very happy that he now has boy clothes to dress up in instead of Lily's princess dresses. Here he is modeling his new pirate hat.

Coop wasn't the only one to enjoy his new dress up clothes. I'm sure Ryder is thinks his Pa is CRAZY!

I guess it runs in the family!
Lily sat on Nanny's lap all evening while Nanny showed her pictures from her childhood and told her stories, how sweet!
How many men does it take to cut down a tree?
They all did a great job and I know my grandparents appreciated their help.


Leslie said...

That is so nice of you all to help out!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good time together. That is a LOT of family togetherness! You guys seem to be pretty close-knit. Enjoyed the pics.

Pambo said...

Your grandparents do not look 80 and 81. Never would have guessed that. I'm thinking that workday is a great idea. Wonder if I could get Ashlee, Jason, and Tyler to clean my house? I'm afraid if I got rid of the dust, there wouldn't be anything underneath!

Jennifer Walker said...

Family parties are the best!

Bekah said...

Looks like you guys had some much needed fun!!

Stacy said...

Wow that was a busy weeekend and your grandparents sound like really special people. Nice of the guys to do some yard work. You a special family.

The Garvie Family said...

What a great weekend! I bet Nanny and Pa really appreciated everyone's help...and loved spending time with you guys. Love the girls' necklace. Do you know if those are M3 Girl bottle caps? We are having a hard time finding Kamryn some more and they quit selling them from their website. Please let me know where you got them cause Avery and Kamryn would love the "best friends" caps!!