Monday, August 25, 2008

Spending Time With Family

This past weekend we found ourselves in western Oklahoma yet again. We found out earlier in the week that Josh's grandpa Donald has cancer and it is everywhere. The doctors are saying that he doesn't have a lot of time left with us, so we wanted to go and see him and spend some time with him. On Saturday night they had a family/friend get together for Donald and the turn out was HUGE!! Josh was able to see a lot of family he hasn't seen in awhile and see his grandfather. Please keep the Harrel family in your prayers as well as Donald.

We were crazy busy this weekend visiting family that I didn't get any pictures taken. So I have posted some pictures from our last trip to Camargo, OK earlier this summer.

My kiddos love to visit Poppy (Josh's dad), they turn into farm kids and enjoy everything it has to offer. Lily is fishing while Cooper patiently waits his turn on Poppy's lap.

Lily LOVES to fish!
Proudly showing off the "fruits" of their labor.
The kids also get to "drive" on Poppy's land and they LOVE doing this!
Cooper is riding a rough and tough bull, aka-Poppy.
While we were in Camargo we also went to Josh's family reunion. Here are the kids with their newest cousin little Maddie. Isn't she just precious?!
Mema (Josh's grandma) and her three adorable great-grands!


Stacy said...

We will keep him in our prayers! Love your country kids and Lily fishing that is great!
My dream home would be in the country!

Pambo said...

Unlike Stacy, I am definitely a city girl! My dream home would be an apartment in New York so I could fly from Owasso and go to broadway shows. I do love the pics of the kids being a little bit country. Where in the world is Camargo? Never heard of it and I've heard of almost every little town in OK. Sorry to hear about Josh's grandpa. Will keep the family in my prayers. I missed Lily Sunday. I only had four kids!

The Slaydens said...

annie, so sorry to hear about josh's grandpa...we will be praying for him and his family.

Kina said...

I will be praying for Donald (and your family!!). I love the pictures, my poor kids don't ever see the farm life. I love the picture of Cooper riding his bull :)

twingrlsplus1 said...

What a fun time for your kiddos...Hailey's my only child that has gone fishing, so sad I know. We will keep you all in our prayers.