Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Weekend-Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you all of the fun we had coloring our eggs. Today I posted pictures from Easter morning before we went to church. We stayed with my parents so we could go to church with them, then afterwards we headed to Hammon to have Easter dinner with Josh's family. Lily and Cooper were so fun this year. Usually when Lily goes into the living room on Easter morning she just sits by her basket afraid to make eye contact with anyone who has a camera in their hand. Well imagine my surprise this year when she came running into the living room smiling and posing for pictures. Cooper has never had a diversion to the camera, which is always nice. Lily and Cooper loved their Easter gifts and all the chocolate. Lily loves to hunt for her eggs that are hidden, it took Coop a little longer to get involved because he was too busy eating chocolate for breakfast. :)

Lily and Cooper are checking out their loot from the Easter Bunny
Coop had to make sure Lily's gifts aren't better than his
Lily loves her new Barbie that came with a mommy dog and three puppies, it's pretty cute
Cooper is riding his new Spiderman scooter, he was cruising like a pro
Lily is hunting for all of her eggs, she's getting better at finding them so next year they may have to be hidden in harder to find places
How handsome is my family?!! VERY!!!!
I just love my kiddos, isn't it so cute the way Lily is posing with her hands on her hips?!!
Okay I know everyone thinks their kids are the cutest, but seriously - don't they clean up nice?!!!
And finally for your viewing pleasure I added a picture of my daddy, yes people this is the way he sleeps every night. You would think it was snowing in the house the way he gets bundled up. Can you believe Josh was on the next couch in a t-shirt and shorts saying he was a little warm? I think he comes by it naturally, my Pa ( my dad's dad) goes outside in the summer to warm up because he gets so cold in his house! :)


Laura said...

Yes you do have a beautiful family! Cute pics!!!!!

Leslie said...

That is a very beautiful family you have there. How in the world do you stay looking so young? Seriously, you haven't aged a day since last I saw you, it's been nearly 13 years and you are just as cute as ever. And I can't imagine who Lily gets the posing from (haha)?!

Mandy said...

Lily may have a little of you in her after all!! You all look super great. Can't wait to see those little munchkins again.

Becky said...

You are certainly a good looking family, it must be in the genes :D I'm so excited that you have posted two days in a row.

Katie said...

Really cute family pics. Lily is doing a great job in the pics and Cooper's outfit, way CUTE. What a little man! Great job with the posting!

Stacy said...

What a cute family you guys our. Look at Lily posing how cute is that! Cooper he is to cute too!
Good job posting now don't take to long to post next time. J/K but I am getting worried about has Sandy she hasn't posted in a month! HAHA

Jillian said...

Looks like you all had a great Easter! I must agree that you do in fact have a great looking family there!