Thursday, November 15, 2007

Around the house...

I haven't posted in over two weeks and I have been feeling the heat from my family. :) There just hasn't been anything too exciting to post about, so I decided I'd just post some fun pics from around our house. We are leaving tomorrow to head west for Thanksgiving, we'll be gone for a week and Josh can talk about nothing else but hunting. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post of my manly man and his big buck after we get back. Until then, I hope everyone has a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving.

Lily LOVES to take bubble baths, Cooper is afraid of the bubbles. Imagine that, Lily is actually braver than Coop!

As some of you know I thought I would start the dreaded potty training. :( Cooper actually does pretty well, as long as I remember to take him. I bought him some Spiderman underwear and he loved them so much he wouldn't put them down.
Here is Cooper modeling his new Spiderman underwear, his little bottom looked so cute in them!
My parents recently went to Branson and brought back the kids these cork guns, they love them, they go "hunting" like their daddy.
Here are my big hunters "shooting" Daddy's buck that's hanging on the wall.

Ella stayed with us on Tuesday night and the kids were sooooooo excited!! They love when Ella comes over, they play really well together too for about thirty minutes then I usually have to start playing referee. Lily wakes up every morning and asks me if she can go to Ella's, it is so wonderful that they are going to grow up together and be best friends!


Taylor & Jessica said...

Fun Fun! Oh, that our lives were so carefree, that we could enjoy and hold on to the simple things--like Spiderman underwear.

Mandy said...

Coop is cracking me up. My boys had those guns for awhile and Chad has hid them somewhere because they were getting real close to each others faces and popping each other in the face. ONLY BOYS!!

Kara said...

we got one of those guns too, and caden also tried to shoot carter so it is now up on the fridge out of site! Love the spiderman underwear! Good luck on all that!

Stacy said...

Oh I love Lily with her bubbles! Look at her pretty smile.
Oh Annie Coop with all his underwear is so CUTE! Secret for you Big Lots has little boys underwear like that for 2.00 pkg.
I have to admit I love there little bottoms in there underwear. Too cute.

Hilary said...

How is the potty training going? Coop looks adorable in his "Spidey-tighty-whities". Can't wait to buy some for my little guy.