Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of Preschool!

Well we took my baby to preschool today, and there were many tears shed. None of them were mine!! :( Of course Lily cried, we knew she was going to. She woke up this morning really excited for school. Her daddy stayed home so we could all go together. She wanted to show her daddy the fish tank! When it was time for us to leave her at school she started getting upset. Later on I picked her up and her teacher told me she did not cry long and she had a great day. I hope that is the truth. Lily said she loved school and she wants to go back on Thursday. YEA!!

Lily is posing with her new princess backpack

Coop had to be in a pic too, aren't they precious?!

I was going to take a pic with Josh and the kiddos, a sweet old lady came up and offered to take a family pic. She was so cute, she kept trying to look into the camera to take the picture and our camera doesn't have a view finder! :)

Lily couldn't wait to show Cooper and her daddy the fish tank

Lily got a new back to school book, for having such a great day!
We celebrated Lily's big day by meeting Aunt Katie and Ella at McDonald's

Aunt Katie loves to play on the big toy!!

We finished our day with yummy ice cream cones!!! :)


Kara said...

Glad she had a good first day! I hope she continues to like it, and you enjoy it too! Happy Birthday by the way!

Becky said...

My precious girl! She looked adorable and I have a feeling she will do great! Can't wait to talk to her about it this weekend!

Katie said...

How cute does Lily look?!! Oh, by the way Aunt Katie does not care to play on the big toy when she is gigantic, but she will go up to help Coop when he is crying, OK!

Mandy said...

I was just wondering how Aunt Katie got out of that toy!! :) I am so glad Lily enjoyed her day!! They get big so fast.

Mandi said...

Oh Annie she is just so cute :0) I love reading and see how her first day went, looks like she had fun!!

Stacy said...

Oh I loveed reading about Lily's first day of school. Looks like she had lots of fun and before you know she won't be crying anymore.
She looked like a cute big girl!

Jessica Terbrock said...

I am la little late in seeing your pictures but Lily looked so pretty! Is she still enjoying her class?

slaydenmom said...

how cute is that litlle family??!!